My Book Essential 2.0 TB stopped working because of Power Controller Failure

Dear WD Community

Can anyone guide me how can i recover data from My Book Essential if there is a failiure of its power controller.

I took out the hard driver from WD Enclosure and placed it into generic hard drive case but when i plug-in my drive to my PC it doesn’t show up in My Computer. Windows detects it and update the driver but i don’t find drive icon appearing in My Computer.

I would highly appreciate expert advice as my data is extremely important.



Hello aiqbalb, sorry to hear that you cannot access your files, if your My Book supports data encryption you wont be able to access your files by connecting the internal drive to a computer, since the data is encrypted. Unfortunately hard drive repairs are not supported, but you can check some of the  fzabkar post for some advice. You can also check the list of recommended data recovery partners on the support page. 

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