WD My Book Essential went bad... How to recover data?

WD My Book Essentials 2TB External Hard Drive went out on us. Still powered on but was not read by the PC.


I read about the WD external HD having bad control boards and of course best buy and their geek squad were unable to help. They said they tried to put the unit in a new case but got nothing. Just offered to send off for data recovery for 250.00 minimum.

In a blog I found, it showed that you could use a SATA cord and plug into your motherboard and retrieve data that way. I tried this and stole the power cord from my tower’s DVD-R and I did have a pop up notice that the driver for the ext. HD was installed. I did not, however, see the my book in my computer (vista). So I tried to get into BIOS to make sure the SATA port 3 I plugged into was on but was unable to get to BIOS (another story) so I stole the DVD-R’s SATA cable and still nothing. I am able to see the drive under drives in device manager but it looks like a USB type drive.

What should I try from here??


If the drive came with smartware it is hardware encrypted so connecting as an internal is a waste of time. It needs the board to decrypt data.