External Hard Drive My Book WD6400H1U not working


I have an external hard drive My Book WD6400H1U which doesn’t work since yesterday. I have it for 3 years or so.

I know the power supply is OK. When i plug my HD to the power supply, nothings happens, no light at all.

Is there a way to restore the data on it  ?

Can I open the case and connected to my PC and hope it will be work ?

If you think of other way to get my files on it, don’t hesitate to tell me

Thank you in advance


If it is a drive that came with Smartware it is hardware encrypted and connecting as an internal will not get your data back. How did you test the power supply? If the board is bad you might find a replacement on Ebay. About the only person who understands these boards is fzabkar checkout some of his posts



if your drive is not spinning it could be 1 out of 6 things. From easiest to hardest to deal with:

  1. USB cable or USB port is bad, so try another cable and another USB port and see if your drive would spin up.

  2. USB adapter in the MyBook is bad, since your drive is most likely encrypted you wont be able to bypass it. You would need to hunt down the same USB adapter as you have now.

  3. PCB on the drive is dead. So check if your PCB has an EPPROM on U12 position (that chip would have to be moved onto a working donor board to adapt it)

  4. heads could be stuck to the platters, I would not recommend solving this yourself. Risk is extremely high that you will make it worse.

  5. Dead preamp sometimes would prevend the spin up process on these drives. This is only for data recovery companies to deal with.

  6. Highly unlikely but the motor could be either burnt or seized. Again, this is cleanroom/laminar flow work that is for professionals only 

1,2 are easy enough to do yourself. 3,4,5,6 would have to be sent in to the data recovery lab.

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Mine seems to spin up when the USB cable is plugged into a computer, 

A Blue LED comes on in the device for a few seconds, then blinks twice and stays off.

On Windows7, it shows as an unrecognized device.

On Ubuntu linux 14.04.2 it doesn’t show at all. The lsusb command doesn’t show it even for the few seconds when the blue LED is on.

The power supply is definitely good. It runs anohter external drive just fine.

If I open up the case, what does it take to attach the drive to an external IDE/SATA USB adapter and power supply (MOLEX or SATA)?

How do I open up the case?

Self answer: 

http://www.instructables.com/id/Disassembling-a-Western-Digital-My-Book/   and

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