My Book Duo Raid options

I intend to buy a My Book Duo 20 TB, but my not sure about the best RAID set up.

RAID 0 is a bit risky for me.
If chose JBOD, will I be able to put the drives on my PC, without losing data, if the enclosure fails?
If I chose RAID1, and one of the disks fails, do I have to rebuild the RAID, or can I just put the drive that works on my PC, without losing the data?

Hello, JorgeMR

Well, A hardware RAID device provides its own controller to manage each hard drive, the filesystem used within the array, and the media written to and read from the array. Hardware RAID controllers are specific to each model and make an enclosure.

  1. The main factor for a computer not reading drive from a WD enclosure is due to hardware RAID controller

  2. The RAID controller manages the Array of disk, and all reads and writes pass through the RAID controller card

  3. This means a hard drive removed from a hardware raid controller can only be read by a matching controller

  4. The My Book Duo also uses 256 - bit hardware-level encryption, for protection and are only accessible by the WD My Book Duo enclosure