My Book Duo information request

I am looking to purchase a My Book Duo, as the RAID capability is ideal for my (small) business use.

Point one: I am not terribly tech-savvy, I want to add this capability but do not have the knowledge/expertise for a load of work arounds, so I need this capability to be straight forward in use. On the face of it, it reads well but this leads onto…

Point two: and here I would really appreciate answers to a couple of questions that I cannot yet find the answers to.

I am led to believe that the DUO drives are hardware encrypted. So far, so good, however I’m also told you cannot turn this encryption off. There is a password option, but even if you do not use this, the drives are still always encrypted as the electronics that do the encryption are built into the enclosure, via the encryption/decryption key built into the enclosure chip. The user has no access to this key, therefore making the drives (in my view) enclosure-specific

Therefore, it seems that, due to the encryption used in the enclosure, it is NOT POSSIBLE to read the drive(s) in the event of failure by putting it/them (for example) in a docking bay or some other reader - due to the decryption key being enclosure-specific.

This begs the first question: where is the benefit of RAID on the drives, if the enclosure electronics fail?

Second question: In the event of failure, do WD offer a facility to decrypt or read the drives?

Can someone please confirm - one way or the other - the accuracy of this information, before I make yet another IT mistake.

I thank you in advance! :grinning:


I have no tried this, since i have not experienced it, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter and can help you on your decision.