My Book Duo - Raid 1 - one disk failure and data recovery

When I’ve chosen WD Book Duo I thought that will be most secure way to keep my photos as offline storage for next few years (up to 5). I’ve thought that RAID 1 will handle data loss if one disk die eariler. I’ve bought 4TB*2 My Book Due half year ago. I’ve copied pictures there and I`thought that is secure solution.

Now I’m reading about enclosure data lock and I`m worry about my data.

I`ve set up RAID 1 on my WD Book Duo.

Please tell me what will be if one of them will die earlier. Is it possible to remove one of them and recover data or put another disk to recover data.

Please tell me what should I do in future I one of them will be dead. Is it possible to recover data from my disk in that situation? Is it possible to open enclosure to change disk without loosing data?

Hello mdesign,

My Book Duo device is a user-serviceable device. You can easily replace the failed hard drives inside the enclosure then rebuild RAID to setup the replaced drive with the same RAID setup.

In future, if any drive fails, first you need to find out which drive failed and this can be confirmed with the help of WD Drive Utilities which continuously monitors the operational condition of your My Book Duo drives. After that, you can proceed to change the defective drive with new replacement drive and rebuild RAID to set up the previous RAID configuration. This process is not a data destructive but recommended to store your important data at more than two storage location as your data is available on the other drive and you can still access the device.

You can refer page #72 from My Book User manual for more detailed information about this.