All 4 of my WD My Book Duos crashed within a week?

I have two My Book Duos, each has 2 hard drives inside that are RAID linked for redundant writing. Within a week, I’ve lost access to both of the boxes and the 4 hard drives. They simply don’t mount anymore. One box is about 4 years old, the other is 2.

How likely is this?

At this point I’m ready to extract the hard disks from their cases and install them as internal hard drives in the computer.

Is this possible with My Book Duo drives? The older box has screws I can remove to get to the drives. The newer box has no way I can see to open it.

I was so secure in the belief that my data was being backed up every time I wrote to these drives. What is the point of the drive redundancy if you can lose access to the entire box?

So many questions. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I should mention my knowledge level. Was a computer repair technician… in the 1990s. Haven’t done anything like this in 20 years, though. So I have the tools and know the basics, but am definitely subject to ‘gotcha’ surprises with anything that’s changed this century.

Hello pacati,

If the drive was in RAID configuration then it will not be read by the computer, these drives will require the enclosure for operation.

Do I have any options? (other than never doing the RAID configuration backup plan again)