My Book backup My Cloud


I have brought 3TB My Cloud in Sunday and I would like to use the old 1TB My Book to make a backup.

Of course, 1TB cannot backup 3TB data.

Can I just select the folder to backup?

Yes, check this information out, My Cloud │ How it Works.

If you use SmartWare click on the Help tab and then the Backup button.

Read, Backup only certain files or folders─file backup?

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cat0w (USA)

may be my question is not clear

I would like to use My Book 1TB backup My Cloud 3TB

How can I select folder to backup in safepoint?

In Smartware, the backup is from my desktop harddrive to My cloud only.

From dashboard help screen …

"Creating a safepoint ensures that all of your data and configuration settings can be recovered in the unlikely event that your WD My Cloud fails.

You can create a safepoint on a USB device connected to your WD My Cloud or on a compatible device on your network."

I don’t think that you can use safepoint to achieve your goal. I’d look at actually manually copying the information you want to secure.