My Book 4TB doesn't mount on my Mac

Hi, I just bought My Book 4 TB 2 days ago. i just back up all my file (total amount 2TB) into my new WD My Book , but what happend was it cannot mount or be eject after backing up all my file.

1st it show only photos but all my video file was lost , but the hard disk shows 2 TB +. But after i try WD Drive Utilities for a Complete Drive Test ,  I could not mont it and i also cannot repair my Book using Mac Disk Utility.

I try using PC to opone it, But still same problem.

WHAT CAN I DO!!!  I’m doing video editing and my customer are waiting for the Videos…

was very dissapointed with this hard drive, cause i just bought it 2 days ago… 

Hi tinysee, sorry to hear you can’t access your files, as a troubleshooting step have you tried connecting the My Book power cable directly to the a wall socket?