My Book 1110 2TB w/1TB free

Hi. I purchased a My Book 2TB external drive last year and haven’t used it until last week. My PC recognized it immediately and all was good until I looked at the properties - it showed 1TB free space and 1TB used. I had nothing on the drive. So, I formatted the drive (FAT32) and now it shows 1TB free space and no used space. 

This is a My Book 1110, which I have set up with the WD software using the password, etc., but I don’t use it to back up - just wanting to use it as another drive.

I have installed the updated driver and firmware.

Thanks for any help!


Try writing zeros with DLG and then format it again.

Do a search you may not be able to format a drive that large FAT32, I don’t remember the max size for FAT32. The max file size is 4 gig.


I followed the instructions on the link you gave and formatted the drive (NTFS). However, the drive still shows 1TB of space.

I appreciate your help. Any other suggestions?

Edit: Note that the WD SmartWare virtual CD was not removed when formatting.