WD My Book 1110

I am having great difficulty in reformatting my My Book 1110 from UDF to NTFS.  I cannot remember if I have used it before on a Mac or not.  The drive shows up in Computer as 'CD Drive (X): WD SmartWare 0 bytes free of 442 MB UDF.  In Disc Management is appears as: CD-ROM 2 668 MB On Line WD SmartWare (X) 668 MB UDF (Healthy Primary Position).

Drive leter ‘X’ has been assigned by me but despite trying most of the suggestions made, I cannot get the drive to reformat.  Any assistance greatly appreciated before the dirve exits left stage.  Thank you VM.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

It would seem like the volume does not come up on disk management, do you see if there is a My Book volume or a volume with the size of the actual drive, this is the actual volume that you will want to format. Also i would like to know if you setup the security on this drive.

The partition you are trying to format seems to be the Virtual CD drive that comes with the drive.