My 5Tb passport hard drive won't mount on Mac

My 5Tb passport hard drive won’t mount on Mac.
The hard drive is visible in the disk utility (work fine on Windows and been format in ExFat format). I tried :
. to mount it with the WD soft : nothing happened
. to mount it from the disk utility but get this error message : error 49223.
. ran the first aid, ran fine but says it won’t mount the hard drive
. ran the WD drive utility : Run drive Status check and scan your drive passed correctly.
. I tried it on 2 macs (one new version with just the USB C connector and an older one with the basic USB and both same thing)

If anyone has an idea?


You could refer to the following link:

Have you saved this problem? If yes, how?
I am facing a similar error with MyBookDuo 16T Raid1 and I am getting when trying to mount it errore -119930868