My 2TB Harddrive not working properly

Hi all,
my 2 tb external hard drive after connected to my laptop but it’s not recognised. How can i recover it? is my data lost?

There could be various reasons for an external hard drive to become unresponsive or undetected. It can be a hardware issue or some technical issue in the software.

Below are the few possible reasons for any drive being unresponsive:

1. A Lot of bad sectors
2. Infected File (Virus or Malware)
3. Driver issue
4. Mechanical failure

You can try the below options to resolve the issue:

2. Use an Antivirus & Anti-Malware tool
3. Re-install the drivers

Here, I recommend you to check the below blog to know the solution for this issue:

Hope this will help.


Check your drive in disk management and share what is the status of your drive