My 5tb easystore external drive stopped working

if I have my easystore external HDD plugged in my pc won’t boot up. If I take it out and start up my pc everything works perfectly fine, only problem is once I plug the drive back in my file explorer stops functioning and everything freezes and the drive isn’t even being detected by my pc. I had lots of memories and game footage on this drive so I would great if there is a solution for this

There can be various reasons for an external HDD to become undetected or unresponsive. It can be a hardware issue or some technical issue in the software. Reconnecting the external HDD won’t help in most of the cases. The HDD remains visible and may be detected by the system if you connect it to another PC, but it doesn’t respond. Below are few possible reasons for HDD being unresponsive:

  • A Lot of bad sectors
  • Infected File (Virus or Malware)
  • Driver issue
  • Mechanical failure

Below are few options you can try:

  1. Call the support team of drive manufacturer & explain the issue to them & see what solution they provide. If their solution is worth a try then do accordingly.

  2. If the data in your drive is so crucial that you cannot afford to lose then you can try using data recovery software. There are ample of data recovery software options available online.