Multiple Macs Time Machine Backup

I am trying to backup two different macs via Time Machine. One of them backs up fine, the other mac keeps giving me an error message that the disk image cannot be created. The sparsebundle for the mac that can’t back shows up in the TimeMachinebackup folder for a few minutes with a very long name (not the computer name) and then it disappears after which I get the error message.
I have tried resetting EVEYTHING, even assigned a static IP to the drive (read that somewhere else) but nothing works.


You could refer to the following link:

What MacOS are you using? Since Catalina (10.15), you can back up to any SMB server that is continuously available. You don’t need a static IP if your router is correctly configured to recognize the host name you have given to the MyCloud.
From the MyCloud webgui, create a share (i.e. TMbackup) and give the mac users read/write access.
From the Finder on each mac: Go > Connect to server > smb://Username@MyCloud/TMbackup > (enter password when requested)
From Time Machine Preferences > Select Disk > (select TMbackup on MyCloud)
That is it - backups will happen when scheduled.

If you are running MyCloud Gen.1 and are comfortable to ssh into your MyCloud, you can tweak some of the config files to improve operability with Macs: SOLVED: Tweaking Samba/SMB2 for Mac & Androids