Multiple devices not reading my passport

My Passport Ultra has stoppedd working…i have tried it on multiple computers and the arent showing it is connected. but when you plug it in the light still comes on and and its running. someone please help im desperate

Which operating system do you use? Have you tried replacing your unit’s USB cable? Is the hard drive detected on Disk Management (Windows) or Disk Utility (Mac)? Is the hard drive detected by a WD utility like WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics or WD Drive Utilities?

I am sorry I don’t know how I missed this email or I would have replied to
you sooner. yes the hard drive powers up when u plug it in to the computer
and u can fell it running putting your hand on it. the computer does show
its connected but I can not see my files at all. I use Windows 10 and I did
try using a different cable

Have you tried free recovery software already?