Multicast DNS port 5353

I am the happy owner of a WD My Cloud running firmware version 4.05.00-315. In my home I have a few linux devices set up which use Avahi for zeroconf. Many devices at home are advertised through avahi, the .local addresses of these devices are advertised using mDNS. Unfortenately, the WD My Cloud’s .local address was not being resolved through mDNS.

To solve this I set up an ssh connection and dug a bit into the device. It appears that there is a mDNS responder running. However, it defaults to port 548, which is the port for the AFP protocol. According to RFC 6762 mDNS should listen on port 5353, see appendix A for the rationale.

To change this I edited the file /etc/init.d/mDNSResponder by adding “-p 5353” to the OPTS variable. Now my WD My Cloud appears in the network under it’s .local address without any problems.

I am not sure what the consequences will be if the mDNSResponder is not listening on port 548. Is it possible to include this change, or a variation that also listens on port 548 for Apple compatability, in an coming update of the firmware?


Are you certain of your firmware version?
It is not listed here and sounds very old…

I’m surprised that a power user as you seem to be fell for the MCH. We are many in the forum to be quite disappointed by its limitations.


It is an very old one, not sure if it is the MCH. The serial number is: WMC4N0328423. I bought it quite a long time ago, it’s like at least 5 years old now.

Sorry I read too fast and you mistook the forum.

My Cloud is a different product and you are not running the latest version (although only minors differences and security updates).


@sdcloudt Have you looked at the User Manual for a My Cloud Home?

Another problem is my cloud home drive disappeared.

So i had to QUIT WD Discovery APP to use my mac. When i quit app it shows “I am transfer something from my mac to could home”,but i didn’t transfer anything in fact.