MPW not showing up under Network in Explorer

MPW not showing up under Network in Explorer
Everything else seems to be working, Connected to WiFi and I can access the dashboard in the Browser. I just can’t browse the folders in Explorer

Any help would be highly appreciated

Have you read the instructions for connecting the MPW wi-fi to the “internet” (actually meaning connecting it to the home network’s wi-fi so that you have an internet connection for MPW. You have to be connected this way so that your MPW shows up in Network in Explorer. You also do NOT connect to the MPW’s wi-fi, but rather to the home wi-fi with mobile devices and computers (PC can also be wired to network). If you know what I am talking about you should be able to figure out your problem, and if you don’t know, then you need the complete user manual you can download from WD Support.

Mike, I have my MPW connected to my Home Network Wifi and the internet, and I have my laptop with W7 connected to the MPW WiFi. Is this what you mean?

I went through the manual and I’ve followed all the steps to connect the MPW to my laptop with and without connecting the MPW to the WiFi internet. But the MPW won’t show up in under Network in Explorer

It is late here and a full reply will have to wait, but the problem is you need to have the MPW connected to home network, but you say your laptop is connected to the MPW WI-FI SIGNAL, SO, IN OTHER WORDS, YOU ARE TRYING TO CROSS BETWEEN TWO NETWORKS, AND THAT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. Ajj devices must be on same home network for this to work correctly.

It also can take a while to see the MPW on Network in Explorer, and you may need to refresh the Network view in Explorer.

I have my MPW connected to the Home Internet WiFi Network, and I have my Laptop connected to the MPW WiFi. It is not possible to have my laptop connected to both the Home Network WiFi and the MPW WiFi at the same time. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for answering my newbie questions, it’s appreciated

Or do all my devices (MPW and laptop) be connected to the Home WiFi Network (instead of each other)?

No, not exactly. As the MPW comes out of the box, it is a stand-alone distinct device with its own unique wireless network, and it will not automatically connect to your other devices on home network nor will it have internet access. You have to concurrently connect it to your home network. Then, and only then, will it communicate with your laptop while laptop is on the home network. Yes, you can still (ERRONEOUSLY) connect the laptop to the MPW wi-fi, but you your laptop now has no access to the home network, internet, etc.
Just remember this: you should connect the MPW to home network and leaving laptop and all other devices connected to home network “as is”, and forget about using the MPW unique signal when at home. The unique MPW wireless signal is only used now to initially connect the MPW to the home network, or, if you are away from home with your laptop, to connect directly to laptop.

For your MPW to be part of your home network, as your laptop (and other devices are, e.g smartphone and tablets are, rhey ALL must be ON THE SAME NETWORK – the home network.

Tell me now you understand exactly what I mean.

Right now, I turned on one of my MPW wireless drives, it re-connected to home network, and in my Win 7 laptop, I see in File Explorer the device under Network. It took a few minutes for all to get connected and for PC to indicate it was shown on the network. This is what you want to be able to do, too.


Please tell me which model MPW you have; is it the PRO model or the older, original model?

I have the older original MPW

Something went really wrong, all the files on the MPW are gone and I cant connect or access the dashboard anymore. I’m charging it now to do a full reset

I also have the original MPW, too.

Have you connected it directly to a PC USB to confirm your personal data is really gone? Hope not. If data is still intact (or even missing) I would not do anything other than System Only restore (not data, too) and see how things go.

Ok, I did a System Only Reset (I hadn’t any files loaded on the MPW yet, just the Instructional manuals and Videos that came loaded on it are gone). I’ve connected my Laptop to the MPW by WiFi, accessed the Dashboard, and connected the MPW to the Home WiFi Network, disconnected the Laptop from MPW and connected my Laptop to the Home Wifi Network…

and this is what I get. Notice the MyPassport shortcut under Storage is coming and going again, and not doing anything, I can’t access it

I’m updating the Firmware now

Firmware Updated.

I still can’t access the folders on MPW in Explorer

From your screen shot, it appears you are not fully looking in your network. You need to open the view by clicking on the little arrow pointing at the word Network on the LEFT pane so the arrow points down and show you the contents of network on left pane.

You can also refresh the view by clicking on the pair of up/down arrows at the top right of window to be sure everything in network is being displayed.

I see my MPW in the left pane under Netwoek and click on it to open it up to show MPW folders and files.Do all this and let me know how it goes.

Nope. As you can see I clicked on the Arrow next to Computer and opened the Folder Structures beneath it, but doing the same with Arrow next to Network does nothing

Well then, I don’t know what to say at this point other than contact WD Support via phone and talk to then and get some expert assist from them. I have run out of suggestions. Hope you can get this solved.

Last questions; What is the easiest way to reset the MPW back to factory settings, and what files are supposed to be on the MPW, and how to restore them?

Thanks for all your help Mike

I think you did what is necessary; that was to reset/restore the system.

There is too much to mention as for what came on the drive. Some are things like Sample videos, How To videos and Learning Center info. Most of which you can find at WD support for the device, OR contact WD support for full list and maybe access to download some of it.

Hey mate did you guys managed to fix this problem? I am having the same problem here!!

Cant see the MPW file structures under Network!

Jackson90210, you might find some answers in this thread

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