My passport wireless not showing under "network" in windows 10

Hi, I can connect to the internet from my laptop via My Passport Wireless and my home wireless router, and I can access the My Passport Dashboard via a web browser and address
However, I cannot access the contents of the WD drive via a wireless connection as the WD drive is not shown under “Network” in Windows 10 File Explorer.
I have tried enabling the “SMB 1.0/CFIS File Sharing Support” via Control Panel, Programs & features following a tip on another website, but it did not fix the problem.
I have no problems accessing the WD contents via a direct USB cable connection.
Any help would be very much appreciated

Common problem.

Afflicts many WD products.
I tried everything. . . .gave up looking in the “network”.

I access from the FileExplorer address bar; typing in the device name.
Typing in the IP address with double slashes works too. (backslashes yields the dashboard)(I may have those two mixed up