MP3s transferred via WD 2 Go won't play on Android phone

I have transferred a couple of albums wirelessly via WD 2GO from my Mybook Live to my android phone but when I try to play them on my phone the players give a message that the file type is unsupported. I have tried a number of different players (Player Pro, Double Twist, stock Android) but the result is the same everytime. When I transfer the files manually (i.e. connecting my phone to my laptop via micro USB and copy and pasting from Mybook Live) the files play fine, so I know the MP3s themselves aren’t the problem. Does anyone know why MP3s won’t play when transferred by WD 2go? Does it some how re-encode the files when it transfers them?

To be honest I havent try that.

You might need to contact WD for that one.

Are you trying to play the MP3 files using the wd2go MP3 player or another App? You can try checking the file size and extension once you save them using wd2go so you can compare them with the files you have on the PC.