Help. WD 2go Pro becomes .wav player

Hi, just bought a MyBook Live. It’s working great so far. Question, I receive phone voicemail as .WAV files, if I don’t have WD 2go installed, the .wav files play as they did in the stock Music player. However, with WD 2go installed, WD 2go Pro tries to be the player. But it won’t play the .wav files and WD 2go Pro encounters a forced close.

I have looked at the Settings > Applications > Manage applications > WD 2go Pro to clear “clear defaullts” but it is already cleared (greyed out). 

The question

   How to set Music to be the default .wav player once WD 2go Pro is installed?


you did not mention what device you have? iPhone  or Android 

Hi, the cell phone is an Android (Samsung Nexus S).