Moving image to new HDD

My wife’s laptop hdd crashed. I installed an SSD and tried to recover the image from my passport but the startup CD does not see the image made by WD software.

How do I create boot media and recover the image? I beleieve the backup was made with WD smartware.

Hi, the WD Smartware does not create a system image file, it only backs up files such as pictures, videos, documents, ETC. You will need to install the operating system by your regular means and then retrieve the files from the passport.

I understand that the WD Smartware does not create system images as does Acronis True Image software. However, according to the WD support pages the MyBook apparently comes with a version of Acronis. Is that Acronis-supplied software part of WD Smartware, or, does the Acronis software allow the creation of system images for a bare metal re-install of an imaged OS?