Moving Home - Shipping the EX4

We are moving home from US to Europe and the EX4 will be shipped.
Does anyone have suggestions about shipping the EX4 and the drives?
Should the drives be taken out, or left in?

IMHO, unless you have the original packaging with all the inserts and padding, I’d remove each drive, put it them in individual antistatic bags, and bubble-wrap the heck out of everything.

That’s pretty much where I am. I’m backing it all up, so I won’t loose anything.

Regarding the EX4, given it’s been 4 years since you posted this, I hope the transition went smoothly. For others who might come across this thread, a general piece of advice: while the build quality of devices like the EX4 is generally robust, it’s often better to be on the safe side. Consider taking out the drives and packing them separately with ample cushioning. Shipping electronics can sometimes be a dicey game, especially over long distances.
On a related note, for anyone contemplating a move and wondering about expenses, you might be interested to check out the average cost of moving companies. It offers a great breakdown of what you might expect to spend, which can be super helpful for budgeting.

Hey, OP. How did you manage to move your stuff? I’m also moving and it would be cool to know

Yes, it all went OK. I took out the drives, made sure they were in anti-static bags, stacked them in a box well padded and bubble wrapped. Stacked the device itself, similarly wrapped and marked the box “Fragile Electrical”.
It all worked, first boot. I had the change the plug, but works fine still.

Just make sure that you label the drives. Unless the configuration is JBOD; the raid array is sensitive to drive position.

Me? I would have hand carried the drives (or the backup copy) :slight_smile: