EX4 Replacement Enclosure

So my fan has failed in my WD EX4 and WD is shipping me a replacement enclosure.  I’m really worried about loosing the data on drives.  Does anyone have any experience on swapping out the exclosure and everything on the drives still being there?  What about the share?  Will they be recreated, users, settings on the NAS.  More information on what happens and what will need to be reconfigured would make me feel much better.

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I would recommend dedicated guidance from WD Support in this particular case.

Got the replacement and it’s up and running.  Here is what I did in case anyone else has this same question.  First make a backup of the configuration by going to Settings, Utilities, System Configuration and save the file.  Without the configuration file you’ll loose everything except your shares.  When the new system has arrived put the drives in the same order as the old unit and power it up.  You’ll get a popup about Raid Roming, following the on screen information so you DON’T loose your shares.  The reload your configuration and the unit should be back exactly as it was before.

As always, backup all data and if your unsure always call WD support before you click or do anything your unsure of.

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So I had this issue except my EX4 went through baggage claim and got pretty messed up, I kept my hard drives seperate so they are ok, but I recently got a new EX4, but not sure what you are saying when you say going to Settings, Utilities, System Configuration. If my old EX4 is already in the trash does that mean I can’t do what you suggested?

Hi everybody,

I’d like to know if anyone of you owner as me of a My Cloud EX4 still have on his own the damaged one. This is why I recently bought one from the US on eBay, Nas itself works fine the only problem is that three of the four bay lids have problem for closing either for opening the caddies and access to the discs.
I’ve searching web for ages but it’s been impossible to find the parts on the net.
So if someone wants to get rid of the useless enclosure I may be able to get the parts for fixing the problem!
We can arrange for shipping and payments; of courseI will pay for all in advance
I would like to thank you very much in advance for your help and comprehensionn.