Moving 100GB between shares


I made the mistake when I setup my My Cloud (a couple of year’s ago) in putting my music and photos collection into the Public share - thinking that made it easier to administer.

I’d rather they were in a private Media shared folder and am considering moving the contents to a new share out of the Public folder. (The Public share has a fixed name and is set to be Public…otherwise I’d just do some renaming…)

My photos are about 150GB and music about 75…does anyone have any experience of moving that amount of data between shares? I don’t expect that the WD software will cope with it, but as I understand it, the alternative is something like FreeFileSync which will effectively copy the data down to my laptop and write it back onto the My Cloud over the network, which won’t be quick and will potentially run into network drop-outs.

Any advice appreciated, thanks. Otherwise it will be a matter of doing it folder by folder I guess…



Just SSH into the My Cloud. cd to the Public folder. then do a mkdir …/.
then mv “Shared Photos/*” …/

Should take a few seconds to do. Then cd … Change the permissions and owner of to what you want.

Hi rac8006,

Thanks - it’s years since I did a bit of shell scripting back at Uni but I get the idea. Two questions…

Is there a client or similar that I can use to remote onto the My Cloud?
And do all directories and permissions you set over SSH show-up/stay in sync with the wdmycloud dashboard?

I’ve already got a Media share setup with some other bits in it so probably don’t need the mkdir step, and can do permissions through the dashboard if need be? It would be nice to do any bits I can through the dashboard if possible.



If you don’t want to use SSH, just map the source and destination shares as network drives, and use your favourite file manager. Drag and drop. You can drag everything, and leave the computer to sort it for you.


The Dashboard is the MyCloud’s control interface. It is not intended for file management activities.

Thanks (once again) cpt_paranoia. I meant use the dashboard to create the directory and set user permissions rather than moving the files but I’ll give it a go with PuTTY - thanks.


You can only do that at the top level ‘share’. File properties of files moved from Public to a private share, by root, may not have the appropriate permissions. Note that permissions on the ext4 file system are different to those you might see via SMB access… MyCloud implements some file permissions via the SMB server.
Files under shares should have ownership of nobody:share, so you could use a recursive chown using that ownership on the files you have moved, if they are not correct.

chown -R nobody:share *

In the appropriate directory, obviously…

[edit: hmmm… having looked at the ownership of files on my Gen1/v4 machine, I see that they are a mixture of nobody and user, with the majority being owned by user (where user is a notional MyCloud username)]

In addition to the suggestions above one can use the My Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android to copy or move files from one Share to another.

Using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to move data between Shares sometimes may take a very long time as the traffic may flow from the My Cloud to the computer then back to the My Cloud rather than staying within the My Cloud.

My first guess would be

  1. Log in to WD’s user interface
  2. Main menu Apps
  3. Web file viewer (don’t know the exact English name while I’m on a dutch WD)
  4. Go to your public folder, select the Music or Photos directory and select ‘move’

This might be faster than using Windows Explorer or a tool like FreeFileSync (which is not meant for this thing you are looking for).

I see a mixture of root:root, root:share, user:administrators, nobody:allaccount, and user:share. Can’t find out how it decides which ownership it sets, only that directories created via ssh (sftp) are root:root. Do you know what the correct ownership should be, and does is depend on the share settings in WD’s UI?