Public Access Problem

OK so easiest way to tell what I did is a list.

  • Uploaded my music files to a seperate share called music (not in Public) using FTP. Used seperate folder as I was having issues with Twonky and thought it might solve it.
  • Realised my “Admin” user had gone ?? (Don’t recall ever having one)
  • Did factory reset
  • Got “Admin” user back, and created a new user
  • Accessed “My Cloud” using SSH with Putty and moved music files into “Public/Shared Music” with mv command.
  • I can no longer access any permissions in Dashboard for “Public” it is now greyed out for both my users.
  • Logged back in using SSH and Putty and changed permissions on music subfolders in “Public/Shared Music” using chmod -R 777
  • Still can’t change any permissions using Dashboard for “Public” still greyed out
  • Rebooted
  • Still same.

Can anyone help or do I have to delete all of the music files and re-upload them, directly into “Shared Music” with FTP again ?

How can I get Dashboard to work with the Public share again ?

Any pointers / help appreciated.


P.S Can see Public folders in Win 7 and can access all EXCEPT the ones I moved !!

Yeah, you’ve muddled a lot of stuff up in SSH…

For one thing, the Public share is not supposted to have permission settings.   It’s public (Read / Write for anyone), permanently.

Thanks Tony,

“Yeah, you’ve muddled a lot of stuff up in SSH…”  bit harsh I feel. :cry:

All I did was move some folders, I’d have expected the box to cope with that. I only changed the permissions to try and solve the problem with “Public” being greyed out in Dashboard.

What I’d like to see is the ability to look at the sub-folders in “Dashboard”

This all stems from “Twonky” where I want it set to only read “Music” in my “Shared Music” folder and not add in all the “folder.jpg” files as “Photo’s”.

Something in "Dashboard " is causing this setting to “reset” in “Twonky” and lose the individual shares I set in “Twonky” for “Music”, “Pictures” & “Video”.

Anyhow this doesn’t solve my current problem. I’ll try deleting the files and see if it gives me access back, failing that I’ll do a factory reset. :neutral_face:

Deleting folders didn’t work, so I’m doing factory restore.

Only had this a week and whilst I can see potential, I’m also a little disappointed in the “fragility” and limitations of the Dashboard.

I’m sure this has been mentioned elsewhere but, my factory restore had been running 16hrs and was 64% complete this morning. Hopefully it will have finished by the time I get home tonight. (2tb version)

Ok after Factory Restore and several hours later I am still experiencing dashboard problems with the public folder !!

(greyed out Public on/off “switch”)

It ocours to me that I recently updated my Java to version 8.00 could this be causing any issues ?

gibbylinks wrote:

Ok after Factory Restore and several hours later I am still experiencing dashboard problems with the public folder !!

(greyed out Public on/off “switch”)

As I said before, it’s supposed to be greyed out!

You CANNOT change the permissions on the Public Folder.

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Oops, don’t I feel a fool…apologies Tony I hadn’t read your post properly, and now feel suitably chastised.

Deeply Embarrased !!

the Twonky interface (http://mycouldIP:9000) should be abble to address your wanting only music and not images from the share.

for future reference the full factory restore is only needed if you are getting rid of the device and want to be sure data can’t be recoverd. the quick is the same as full but just deletes data instead of writing multiple patterens over the entire disk. a system only restore is generally the best choice as it resets everything to origional except it leaves the shares and data in place

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Thanks Larry