Movie Thumbnails Please Help

I have been uploading my movie collection as .mkv files to the WD My Cloud and every movie has a randomly generated thumbnail, which I am completely fine with.

Recently, I uploaded a movie from my itunes account (a .mp4) and for whatever reason, every movie now displays that movies thumbnail picture (all displaying thumbnail of “good luck chuck” instead of a randomly generated one. I have not been able to find a solution.

I contacted Twonky support and they suggested I update the firmware on my My Cloud device. However, from what I can tell my WD My Cloud device is already up to date on 2.11.140

I would really just like it to go back to being randomly generated, really anything would be better than having all my movies display the movie thumbnail for “good luck chuck”.

Please Help

Have you checked the .mp4 video file to see if it has embedded artwork? Also make sure there isn’t an image file titled “folder.jpg” in the same folder as your movie files. Sometimes that file will be hidden. The folder.jpg image will be used for any movie file without embedded artwork. And the folder.jpg image will be used for the folder icon within the DLNA client as well.

I’m not familiar with how to check the file for embedded artwork, and whether i should be checking the file on my computer or on Twonky.

I even deleted this file from my WD My Cloud, but that thumbnail image is still displaying for all titles. And again this issue only arose once this specific movie was uploaded, the previous 50+ movies all simply had random screenshots

I do not have any folder on my computer titled “folder.jpg” but again not sure if this is possibly located somewhere in Twonky that I cannot find? I have my settings set to “show all hidden files and folders” so it should be visible if present…

Not sure if this upload helps at all, but when i hover my cursor over that long section that starts with

<img id= “fTH0$3$35$74R8459” src="http://192.

The thumbnail highlites on the left side of screen and that duplicating thumbnail pops up under my cursor

starts with

<img id= "fTH0$3$35$74R8459" src="http://192.

The thumbnail highlites on the left side of screen and that duplicating thumbnail pops up under my cursor

You can check, add or remove the embedded metadata, including any embedded artwork, using software like MediaMonkey or MP3Tag (for Mp4 files).

Have you tried rebuilding the Media Server database? Generally one can rebuild the media server database via the Settings > Media page within the My Cloud Dashboard.

Don’t bother contacting Twonky as the version of Twonky used on the My Cloud is several generations out of date and there is no “easy” way to update it (for free) to the latest Twonky version. Generally Twonky pulls the artwork one see’s (as you see in your screen captures) from either the embedded artwork setting of the media file, or from a file called “folder.jpg”, or from a jpg image file with the exact same name as the movie file.

You may have to access the Twonky administration page (eg. http://wdmycloud:9000) and restart the Twonky media server via the Restart Server button located at the bottom of the Advanced page.

So by going into both the My Cloud settings and rebuilding the media server and then going into Twonky to restart the server corrected the issue. Thank you for the help.

I downloaded Media Monkey and was able to see that the video file causing the artwork duplication did in fact have artwork embedded into it. Unfortunately i have not been able to update any of my files with artwork. When i try, it initially appears to have the artwork, but when clicking off the file, and then back to it, the artwork is gone.

At least all my video files are back to having a generated thumbnail from the movie itself.