Movie Thumbnails in list view.......same picture for multiple files

Hi - I’ve been trying everything possible to sort this one out but cant find a solution.  I have all my movies saved on a WD MyCloud NAS box, in .m4v format.  When I browse to them through my WD TV Live unit using the media server connection they are all visible and play fine but when I’m scrolling down the list there are loads of them that show the same thumbnail, instead of each movies individual one.  The rest all have the correct artwork thumbnail.  When I’m browsing to them on either my laptop or macbook the thumbnails are correct and when I’m using itunes they all have the correct artwork.  

Coud this be a formatting issue with the files?  Or is it something wrong with the WD unit?


Log in to the My Cloud and try a “rescan”. Check page #103 of the WD My Cloud User’s Manual.

Thanks Hamlet but a rebuild was the first thing I tried with no success.  I decided to try something else, the films which all show the same thumbnail art seem to default to the artwork for “Alice in Wonderland” so I decided to move that film off my NAS box to see what happened.  After I did the films affected before have now defaulted to another film.  There must be something about the format of the files or the metadata that makes the WD TV Live not recognise the artwork and default to one that it does.  Maybe there is a program that I can use to interogate the files to ensure they will be recognised?