Movie Linksheet Artwork - For Collections / Folders

It was suggested that a separate thread from the Genre Folder Thumbs be created to house the images / backdrops people are using for folders or individual movie collections.

Please note, the original “Thumbs” thread shown below does contain a considerable amount of artwork, so please feel free to look at that one for some great shots for a variety of movie collections before checking here. Kudos to Pearl for getting this started. There are some talented folks in this community! Many thanks to everyone for sharing!

Original Thumbs Thread was:

Muppet Movie Collection - “Main 4” Muppet Movies. 

Direct Link: 

Muppet Movie Feature Length Collection - The 3 Offshoot Movies (Wizard of Oz, Muppets in Space, Treasure Island)

Direct Link: 

Please Note: All of these that I will be posting are for use with a “Mamba” theme, Gallery View. If you need changes made, for these to suit a particular theme, let me know, and I can adjust a few things, remove the black bar area at the bottom, etc… 

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Thankfully someone has seen sense- Movie Linksheet Artwork being the key to your thread! :smiley:

I look forward to seeing some more of your artistic creations.

Muppet Christmas Collection - Collection of Feature length Christmas Movies/Specials

Muppets Complete Collection - Can be used for main folder housing all of your muppety goodies…

Direct Link:

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Linksheet for Super Hero Main Folder

The Hulk

Fantastic Four


The Punisher



Iron Man


Blade v2


Batman v2

Ghost Rider


Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones v2

Lara Croft  Tomb Raider

The Scorpion King

The Librarian

Pirates of the Caribbean

National Treasure

The Mummy

Harry Potter

Clash of the Titans  & Wrath of the Titans

Twilight Saga

The Beastmaster


The NeverEnding Story



Problem Child Collection

Flinstones Live Action Film Collection

The Smurfs Collection

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Collection

High School Musical

Camp Rock Collection

Home Alone Collection

Shrek Collection

Hoodwinked Collection

Madagascar Collection

Ice Age Collection

Open Season Collection

28 Days Later - 28 Weeks Later

Night of the Living Dead - Dawn of the Dead - Day of the Dead (remakes)

Return of the Living Dead

George A. Romero Dead Collection

Resident Evil

Zombie Movies Main Sheet

Tyler Perry Collection

Tyler Perry Collection v2

Rob Schneider Collection

David Spade Collection

Chris Farley Collection

Adam Sandler Collection

Ben Stiller Collection

Eddie Murphy Collection

Martin Lawrence Collection

Seth Rogen Collection

Steve Carell Collection

Pauly Shore Collection

John Candy Collection

Jim Carrey Collection

Will Ferrell Collection

Jay and Silent Bob Collection (Kevin Smith)

Bruce Willis Collection

Jason Statham Collection

Stephen King Collection

Mel Brooks Collection

Broken Lizard Collection

Cheech & Chong Collection

Star Wars Saga

Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Alien vs Predator  (AVP)



Back To The Future

Jurassic Park

Men In Black  (MIB)


The Cube Trilogy

Starship Troopers



Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection

Star Trek Original Motion Picture Collection v2

Star Trek The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection

Star Trek The Next Generation Motion Picture Collection v2


The Chronicles Of Riddick

Smokin’ Aces

Die Hard Collection

Mortal Kombat

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Beverly Hills Cop

Missin In Action

xXx Collection

The Boondock Saints


Charlie’s Angels

Kill Bill

Rush Hour

Lethal Weapon



Under Siege

The Fast and the Furious

Wild Things

Joy Ride


Sherlock Holmes

Hollow Man

Hannibal Lecter (Silenece of the Lambs)


The Butterfly Effect


Ghost House Underground Series

After Dark Horrorfest I (1)

After Dark Horrorfest II (2)

After Dark Horrorfest III (3)

After Dark Horrorfest IV (4)

After Dark Originals 1

The Karate Kid


Rocky V2

Major League

Ocean’s Trilogy

Young Guns

 **bleep** Comes To Frog Town

Pearl’s Link Sheets can be found here:

The Porky’s Collection

Somkey and the Bandit Collection

The Whole Nine Yards/Ten Yards

Airplane! Duology

Hot Shots! Duology

The Naked Gun Collection

Scary Movie Collection

Waiting Duology

Waynes World Duology

Miss Congeniality Duology

The Hangover Collection

The Austin Powers Collection

The Nutty Professor Duology

Bill & Ted Collection

Deuce Bigalow Collection

Meet The Parents Collection

Night At The Museum

Crocodile Dundee Collection