Movie Linksheet Artwork - For Collections / Folders


The Hills Have Eyes

The Blair Witch Project

House on Haunted Hill


Wrong Turn

30 Days of Night

Urban Legend

Puppet Master



Silent Hill

The Collector & The Collection

The Lost Boys

Laid To Rest


An American Werewolf In Londond & An American Werewolf In Paris


Rest Stop


Tales From The Crypt Movies

Jeepers Creepers

Trilogy of Terror 1 & 2

Sleepaway Camp

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre v2

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th v2


I Know What You Did Last Summer

V/H/S and V/H/S 2




The Fog

My Bloody Valentine

The Thing

Boogeyman Collection


Just a thought I had; if a title had been added right above each graphic someone looking for a sheet for a particular movie could find it with a search of the thread. Sure would make life easier. 


good idea, will do it when I get time, thanks


Hi All, 

These are specifically for Synology NAS users, as if you use Media Station and Photo Station, default Video / Photo folders are set up. I am trying to keep a consistent feel across all of the images I am using as folder backdrops.

Video Folder (movies):

Photo Folder (images):

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Here is a set of images (for use with Mamba Based Theme) which can be used for folder backdrops. Use them or not, maybe they’ll give you some great ideas.


3D Imax Movies

3D Movies

Family Movies

Family Television Specials:

Family Television Series

Television Series


Snake Plissken Chronicles (Escape From New York - Escape From L.A.)

It’s Alive Collection

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Journey 2 the Mysterious Island v2


Kick-**bleep** v2


Hi Dudeman…greetings from Belgium and you do a very good job with all your artwork! Thanks and respect!

Would love to use them as collection-link-sheets in the Mamba theme which I am using

Any possibilty to download your complete collection maybe also with the matching thumbs for the folders

Would be great !!!




@ ronbelgium, just right click images and choose save as or choose view image and save as. As for thumbs, in this same forum topic, look for a post started by pearl, I have links to the folder thumbs I have done, when I get time to get on my laptop (on iPad now) I can help you a little more.


Hi Dudeman


I did that allready but some Collection sheets had the wrong canvas size but I managed to change that in a graphic prog.

Would be greatfull for the links with your thumbs…

I also use your Movie and TV series start folder/screens (toplevel)…any change to make a "Movie Collections…your creativity is way higher than mine :slight_smile:

Thanks !!!

Greeings from Belgium



Hi Dudeman

I found the links from Pearl for the thumbs.

I also managed to make a toplevel sheet for movie collections.

By the way I think the original topsheets were from Pearl :)…Thanks Pearl:wink:

Whenever there are new collection sheets…please …I will be very greatfull.

Kind regards



ronbelgium wrote:


By the way I think the original topsheets were from Pearl :)…Thanks Pearl:wink:


You are more than welcome Ron



Is anyone still interested in using these style sheets, I’m pretty partial to Goodbye Black Mamba Theme, & I am making new Collections/Folders sheets if anyone wants them I will post them.


I love the Genre sheets you made.  I’m currently trying to build my movie library and have my structure like so:










Romantic Comedy




TV Series


Whilst I know it is VERY cheeky to ask you to create all of these, if you do ever have the demand then please let me know and thanks again for your work.


I have been planning to do these, but havent had time, will share once I do. Now the superhero is made, do u have it?


Some new I have done that I have not had time to upload:


The Fugitive - U.S. Marshals Collection


Clint Eastwood Western Collection


The Thor Collection


The Expendables Collection


The Captain American Collection (Made for future release)


The 300 Collection (Made for future release)


The G.I. Joe Collection


The 3 Ninjas Collection


Red Collection


Star Trek Alternate Reality Collection


The Paranormal Activity Collection


The Chucky Collection - v2 (added newest movie cover)







Almost forgot these:

Star Wars- The Ewok Adventures

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball- The Family Guy Trilogy


Robot Chicken Star Wars Collection



Can anyone help me please?

It’s the first time i use thumbgen and i don’t really know where to put the files that comes out of it. What do i do with the file that is automaticly placed in the the same folder as the movie? Its a JPG of the movie cover. I can only see the cover on the folder that the movie is inside, but not the movie itself.



Probably best to ask questions like this in a new thread or one about installing linkhseets or themes. This post is for artwork people are sharing. Hopefully a Mod will move it for you.


Did you follow the instructions I gave you in response to your question in the thread below?