Most apps including Facebook (keeps saying ID or PW wrong) don't work. I updated to 2.03.20. Figureing that would get rid of old apps ot supported anymore. Nope!


Is there any hope for a WD TV Live re-work? I mean really? Over half the apps don’t run. No way to get new ones. The few that do still work either want money are in languages I can’t speak or streaming quality is [Deleted]!
Least they could do is axe the apps no longer supported??
Is this going to be a case of “They got our money already why should they care?”
How about WD just tell us how to throw it away properly??


The latest firmware release (2.03.20) dates from 4/20/2016. While some applications may have become unsupported by their providers some time later, the firmware file in question includes the applications that were active at that time.

They can not be removed unless there’s a new firmware version enabling manual app removal.


The only other option is to install wdlx tv on the unit it makes the live much more versatile o installed it on mine and it has been running perfectly for a long time now with no issues there is a step by step guide on wiki on how to install it because the wdlx tv site has been down for a couple of years now. But there is a lot of info on there still