After new firmware, the YouTube app isn't working anymore

hi guys,

i have a wd tv live, been working perfect for 2 years now.

but after the most recent firmware update some days ago, the youtube app isnt working anymore.

after watching a video for 2 mins or so, it just shuts down and restarts the whole machine.

all other apps like netflix, spotify etc. work smoothly.

restarting didn’t help. im connected by cable, not wireless.

have you tried a Factory Reset ?

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

hi joey,

no i havent…didnt know this option actually.

will this affect apps like netflix? meaning, do i have to login again or something?

if thats all, than its not a real problem. will tryt. thanks.

Yes, C-Jay

It will clear out all your settings (logins, passwords etc)

It’s recommended to do this after a Firmware Upgrade to clear out all the old settings and Start Fresh with a New Firmware.

I’m not saying it will solve your problem… but,for some people it has.  (So, it’s worth giving it a try)