Issues updating


Hello, I’m having a number of issues but thought I’d start off with a possible easy one.

Went to ‘check latest firmware’ and get the result ‘The device fails to check for new firmware update. Please check your network connection and try again’.

The router DHCP reports WDtv and YouTube plays via the box so I don’t believe it is a network issue.

Have hard rebooted box.

Noticed news feeds/games not seeminghly working either (I don’t usually check these things but did to see what connections it was able to make.

…I had read that wD no longer makes these so I’m wondering if this is the reason. The servers for news, games and updates are offline?

Versions shows as 2.03.20

Thank you much!


That’s the latest and last firmware available … there are no higher or recent versions since April 2016 when 2.03.20 was released.

You’ll also read in the link below that “Funspot” (Games) has been removed due to the end of support for the product from the applicable service provider … plus a bunch of other services.