MKV sharing issue


I have the WD TV Live hub and I can’t read MKV video file on it via the option in Window 7 ‘‘Play to’’ I have know problem to read the MKV file when I upload it on the Hard drive in the WD TV hub or via USB drive! But I can not play my file directly on my PC with the ‘‘Play to’’ fonction!

Is it a sharing option problem or I just can’t read MKV on network with the WD TV live Hub?

Thank you!

It’s because Windows Media Player doesn’t support MKV natively. You will need to install an MKV Codec pack for WMP.

I install a Media player Codec pack and I can now watch my MKV movie with WMP! But I still can’t play it on my WD TV live hub via network! WD TV live hub still don’t show my MKV file in the menu and I can’t use the ‘‘Play To’’ option in my PC!

Dude. Stop yelling,

If the hub isn’t displaying the MKV files, it’s because your PC isn’t “offering” them. The hub will only list files that the PC tells it about.

Use network shares instead.

I finaly get some MKV file appear in my WD Tv live menu! But now I can’t read it! It tell me, the file format can’t be read?!?!