No MP4 and MKV support


Just recently bought wd tv live hub, plugged it in network and playback is good, but after browsing some of my files/folders doesn’t seem to appear in the player, try to look and see that some of these folders are mp4 and mkv files, i thought these can be palyed through this player. need help. thanks

Browse network shares rather than media player.


how was is this done, i have selected from “select content source” then “network share” but none was there. do i need install a transcode server software to do this similar to the samsung TV’s allshare? regards

You have to share a folder for Network shares to work from your PC OS. Then add it under the setup options on the hub.

Hi, Tried to do that but it still wont show up in network share, it only shows up in media server

It sounds like your network shares are no setup. Can you see the folder on the Hub?

it works fine for my other hornattek media player which basically u just need to right click the folder then share, anyway looked through other site thread and tried the following:

  1. enabled “Network DDE” and “Network DDE DSDM” in control panel, administrative setup, then services

  2. changed my workgroup to “WORKGROUP”

  3. used the Network identification wizard

after these all seems fine (haven’t tried though to revert the item 1 and 2

thanks and regards

Make sure that if you are trying to stream forom a computer that the computer will pay the file. I have had issues in the past with failure to stream because the computer didn’t konw how to handle the file.