MKV Won't play from remote Media Library, but same file plays fine locally

Have latest firmware (3.07.14) installed.

My Hub won’t play most MKV files that are stored on a remote Media Server.  However, if I take that exact same file and copy it locally to the Hub and use that as my source, it plays just fine.  Is this a remenent of the header problem that I still haven’t been able to shake?

No it can’t be a header issue, as either the Hub will play it or you have issues, and if it plays ok from the Hub then the files are fine.

You have not given enough information on what you mean by not playing, is it a streaming issue, are you using wireless etc. A bit more info would help.

Hi, thanks for your follow-up. More details…

My WDTV Live Hub is conntected to my router/network via wired ethernet.  On the same network is a Dell PC (also connected via wired ethernet), running Windows 7, that function as a Media Server (meaning, when I select the content sorce on my WDTV, I select “Media Server”).

I select the MKV file in question, and the device displays “Unable to play the selected file. Please see the User Manual for a list of supported file formats.” I know it’s not a connectivity issue because I am able to play ffiles of other formats (AVI, WMV) off of the same server that live in the same folder. 

Now if I take the exace same .mkv file that won’t play off of the server and copy it to the Hub’s local drive, it plays just fine on the first try.

I remember reading something about trying to play an MKV with an incompatible header can break all other mkvs as well, but can’t find it anymore.  

Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Ahh yes, you need to share the Mkv with Remote Shares, Media Shares will not work.

Think it has to do with Windows and not being able to play Mkvs without certain software, something like that anyway.

So access the file via Network shares and it will work, as I said Headers do not come into play if a file can play from the Hub, and headers were fixed on the Hub a long time ago anyway.