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Hello everyone,

    I have been looking around and havent found the answer i am looking for yet.  what are some of the best tools out there for scanning drives and pulling down movie/tv metadata that will work with the mediahub?  I have waaay too many to use the “get info” command.  Thanks everyone and sorry if this has been posted already.


Right now, there’s none, because the Hub IGNORES any user-provided XML.

You’ll have to “Cheat,”  whereas you get Metadata using the HUB, and then replace it with your own.

Or you can wait until WD supports it.   If.

Thanks for the fast response…that is a bummer…i hope they add that feature soon, i was looking forward to that.  Thanks again.


OK, so, besides a tool that can be used with mediahub…what is a good tool in general for scanning folders and pulling down metadata?


My Movies Colleciton Management is a good program for getting the cover art & metadata. 

Also, Thumbgen is  another program for doing this.

But modifing the metadata using either of these programs so that they will work with the HUB will take a lot longer than using “get info”

I use Ember Media Manager

it’simple and create directly the folder.jpg and .nfo inside each coresponding folders.

I hope one day, the WD TV Live hub will be able to read those files.


Just reading through this thread and some one mentioned that you have to cheat the system how do you do this? Is it complicated? The hub is a fantastic product but this is a pretty big oversight by WD.

Using these 3rd party bits of software doesnt mean a fix i assume?

On the past I used Media Info Plus, is opensource and excellent product so maybe someone can make it work for WD Live hub. Somebody already post an application to do this, however haven’t seem any positive and real feedback.

So if the only way to get the meta data is to run it from the WDTVLive Hub, what is the point of having a Live HUB? I am trying to find a reason not to get rid of mine. It’s a huge pain to get the media info to display. Whay make it so hard to do?

I have 800+ movies and TV shows stored on my WHS and cannot get the meta data for each movie. SO does this mean I have to copy all of my media to the HUB, use the silly “GET INFO” on every movie individually, then transfer the meta data files back to my WHS? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Why would Western DIgital do this to its customers? I got the Luve HUB mainly because I have an older TV in the basement without HDMI or DVI inputs. The unit plays all my files great - just no gloabl meta data retrieval. If I have to get each movie meta data spearately I will probably be throwing the Live HUB out as it is of no real use to me.


Y’all need to read more newer threads instead of resurrecting a 3 month old one. The issues described in this thread have been adressed and there’s now quite a few ways to put metadata on the Hub.