MBL not discovered from Win10 but OK from Linux Mint. Dashboard not accessible from Win10 and Linux Mint


I’m owner of MyBookLive 3TB, updated to latest firmware.
And I have problem with discovering it in my home network.

  1. No access to dashboard (from Win10 and Linux Mint PC). At attempt to go http://mbl_ip_address get the error “Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /UI on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”
  2. From Win10 PC MyBookLive is not found as network storage, thus can’t map it as connected network drive. At the same time from Linux Mint PC the MyBookLive is found in Network and Shared folder can be mounted without problems.
  3. From Win10 and Linux Mint I can reach MBL by SSH.
    I have no doubts that MBL is working properly because if it is connected directly to Win10 PC Ethernet port (with DHCP server running) I do have access to dashboard of MBL and can map it as network drive.

Network configuration

  1. MBL
    IP addr

  2. Win10 PC (and same Linux Mint)
    IP addr

I have already tried this solution, but it did not helped out.

Any advise how to fix issue of not discovering MBL from Win10 PC?


I have posted this at two different threads, and I think its worth trying. I have had a lot of issues with my WD Live. I was able to get access to mine by going to the Windows File Explorer. Right click on Network. Select “Connect to Network Station”. I selected the drive adress “\mybook” (Yours may have a different adress) and selected a drive name such as z: and used my login credentials after checking both boxes.

It may not work for you, but it did for me. My WD drive denies connection at random frequencies, and it seems like it does it if a certain number of units has connected to it.

Will try to avoid WD in the future since this issue has been unsolved for since I bought it about a decade ago. Which is the best thing about the WD Live. It lives for a long time. Mine has been running since I bought it, with no other issues than one of the most important features for a network drive. Being able to connect to it.