Just bought My Book Live 2TB and unable to setup through wireless router for Windows PC

I read in WD support that in order for discovery  through a wireless router I had to get a direct connection to the dashboard

by typing into my browser  http://mybooklive/   in which I get an error saying web page not available. I’ve tried unplugging the drive and rebooting it several times. I have also tried different browsers firefox, internet explorer and chrome with the same results “web page unavailable”.

Thank you.

Hi, by default the MBL workgroup name is “WORKGROUP”, be sure that your computer also has the same workgroup name. To map the MBL and to access the dashboard you can use the WD Link tool.


I figured out the problem on my own.
The problem:  My network  would not “discover” my MBL 

I noticed whenever I plugged in the supplied ethernet cable to the router the corresponding port number on the front display panel was not lighting up.

I had another ethernet cable from another wireless N router laying around.

Plugged in the other cable and the #1lit up immediately on the front panel of the wireless router.

I then went to my laptop and clicked “find drive on network” and it found it right away.

So in the end…it was the the original MBL ethernet cable that was bad.