MBL 2TB issue

HI! I have a problem with my book live 2tb… when i am playing a movie in my smart tv or my tablet it just stop streaming… i mean, after 5 minutes of streaming a movie it suddenly stops… dont know why and dont know what more to do, in the android tablet i use a program called upnp and all share en the samsung smarttv and ive refused to use wd2go… it just dont stream anything and dont know why… any help please

Check the Twonky Configuration and make sure that “Restart after NIC changes” is turned OFF.

really dont see that option :frowning: its a MY BOOK LIVE 2TB 

It’s under CONFIG (the wrench icon) / Network.

dont find it… in twonky there is no option like that… :frowning: its in the MBL control panel no? 

Sure there is.


thats what i have… 

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