Twonky disappearing

I put a few video files on my new drive and had no issues streaming them to my PS3 and other PCs in my house with the twonky service.  I put a bunch more on and now I the Twonky Media device will occasionally show up and disappear on the network and just keep getting the message on my PS3 that the media server has disconnected.  Do I possibly have a dead drive or am I just missing something?

And the model number of your drive is? Cant help without this information?. Sorry :frowning: :slight_smile:

Sorry had put that all in my ticket to WD yet didn’t include it here.  It’s a My Book Live 2TB Model WDBACG0020HCH-NESN

Do you have the latest Firmware on your MyBookLive?

Some things to try or take a look at:

  1. Is the LED on the front of the unit green or blinking green when you are streaming?

  2. On the back of the unit where the ethernet port is,  when you are streaming a video, is the LED blinking?

  3. How many movie files did you copy over to the MyBookLive the 2nd time around (total GB as well)

First thing I did when I plugged this in was update the firmware

  1. I can’t stream because Twonky stops running

2.  Same as 1

  1. 703 files in 101 folders 155 GB

I removed all of the files and put only 20 on and everything works fine.     Also when I have a lot of files on it and the device isn’t working properly there is a lot of disk activity.

Is there maybe some caching setting that I just can’t see or does this sound like a defective unit?