Maximum storage capacity WD PR4100

The capacity of the WD PR4100 is 40TB? If 4 WD Red Plus 3.5 units of 12TB each are installed, does it accept 48TB? or does it show 39.9TB??

La capacidad del WD PR4100 son 40TB?.. si se instala 4 unidades WD Red Plus 3.5 de 12TB cada uno, acepta los 48TB? o muestra 39.9TB??

Hi @CJ166,

Please refer to the article drive displays a smaller capacity than the indicated size on the drive label:

I’m not asking “because it shows smaller capacities” no, no… I’m asking if the WD PR4100 NAS will accept the 48TB capacity of 4 disks of 12TB each? or will mark 40TB?