Map Mycloud to Windows


I have an issue to map mycloud to windows explorer.

I used wd discovery aswell and can not see the drive. The mycloud dashboard is working fine, but i want to map the shares.

for example in dashboard i got the below status
Connection StatusConnected (Relay connection established)
Port forwarding failed to connect on port 80 and port 443

Anything i need to check ? I verfied the ports on the PC and router I am using, but they should be open. How can i solve this or steps to verify that all set on my PC and router

Are you trying to map the WD My Cloud while the computer is connected to your local network where the My Cloud resides? Or are you trying to map the WD My Cloud while connected remotely (offsite)?

To map the WD My Cloud drive when connected locally see the following WD Support link:
Or read the WD My Cloud User Manual found at the following link which explains how to map a drive while on the local network. It is recommended to read the entire WD My Cloud User Manual as it explains many of the operations and features of the My Cloud device.

At this point in time one cannot “map” their WD My Cloud drive remotely using any of the WD My Cloud apps/software or though the portal. One can however use the WD My Cloud Desktop program, the WD mobile apps, the portal, or WD Sync program to access their WD My Cloud device remotely (or while connected to the local network). Again, read the WD My Cloud User Manual (see link above) for more information on the various WD supported programs that allow remote access to the WD My Cloud.

this is my home network. So Mycloud and PC on the same network. I was able to map the drive to my smartphone.

So is not the router. Need to verify then my firewall (symantec). Any tips?

If the local Windows computer is having trouble finding the My Cloud on the local network there are a few things to try or check. One method of mapping the My Cloud drive is to map the drive is to use the IP address rather than the My Cloud name. If using Windows 7, open up Windows Explorer, right click Network and select Map Network Drive, then use the IP address of the My Cloud followed by the name of the share you want to map. For example “\\Public” will map the public share folder of an My Cloud that has an IP address of

Sometimes Windows doesn’t have Network Discovery active or has the Network Location set to Public, both settings can prevent the Windows computer from locating other devices on the local network. See the following links for ways to change both of these settings.

Enable or disable network discovery:
Choosing a network location:
. (17.2 KB)

i did all changes before, but not working still. And not visible on my computer. I aatached log what is blocked on my firewall