Making sure I can have multiple Macs (2) and a PC backed up on MyCloud Mirror

Preparatory to buying a MyCloud Mirror for my home network, I downloaded the manual and read through it.

I see that one can create a share for TimeMachine to use, but I have two questions:

* How do I setup seperate share for each Mac?

* How do I set up an area (share) for the Windows PCs?



Hello and welcome to the WD community.

You should be able to create a normal share and then you should be able to determine from the dashboard user access and you can also check if you want to use a specific share for time machine.

This link might help you with creating a share on your unit:

I have similar question that was not answered.

I have several mac computers, can each of them have a timemachine backup on the NAS ?


You stated the question more clearly than I did.  I just want to be sure that you can have unlimited shares and that you can assign each PC or Mac to its own share for backup purposes.

As with so many things, we’ll probably have to buy it to find out.

Hello there,

For Time Machine, you can only use 1 share in order to backup from each mac, what will make a difference is that each backup will show up with the name of each mac, so this way you can distinguish one from the other.

On a PC its different, you can use a share for each different computer depending on the software you use.

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