Mac - Upgrade to Big Sur - Time Machine Issues

Hi all,
Has anyone been able to get their WD MyCloud drive working with Time Machine on BigSur? For years it’s worked fine, however I’ve not been able to get a successful backup since updating to the latest OS over the weekend.

Reading online it looks like Apple amended the file system in the OS, so that may be the problem. Is anyone aware of any software/firmware updates coming from WD to support it?


The problem single bay/single drive My Cloud users face is their products are either at End of Software Support status (first gen v4.x) or approaching it with “limited updates” (second gen v2.x). So if Apple (or Microsoft) changes things that breaks access, its possible WD will not fix the issue if the My Cloud itself is the issue.

One could attempt to change from AFP to SMB and see if Time Machine will start working again. See the following post in another discussion on Time Machine Issues.

Or one could use a third party backup program that works on Mac’s and supports backing up to local network NAS devices.

Thanks Bennor,
I’ll have a look and see if SMB is an option (not sure if you have to use the new format in Big Sur?)

Regarding the age of the device, I am ok if I need to replace it. The technology has moved on, so I accept that WD may chose not to support it. It would be good though to get confirmation though and if possible a list of similar devices that will be compatible with Apple’s new format.


I don’t use a Mac anymore, but have you looked at this?

Short answer is yes - TM on MyCloud (v1 anyway) over SMB works with BigSur provided you make some changes as I outlined in SOLVED: Tweaking Samba/SMB2 for Mac & Androids even with the old Samba 4.3.11 Most of the paramenters I highlighted in that post are default, but as a minimum you need these in BOTH smb-global.conf and tm_config.conf:

  min protocol = SMB2
  ea support = yes
  vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr

I created a more generic post on the Samba wiki: which has been reviewed by the Samba developers.