Lost the files in MY PASSPORT after canceling transfer with iMac

Hi! I was doing a backup into MY PASSPORT as I usually do in my iMac. It is only a copy of the same 2 folders that have all my work inside. I used the “replace” option for copying files that already exist.

When it was about to start, I canceled the operation and then the files that I already had in MY PASSPORT were gone, lost them. Do you know if this is a problem with the hard drive or does it have to do with the OS?

Is there any way to recover those folders?

Thanks, regards.

You lost the folders from the destination drive so those folders should be on the source or vice-versa?
And, do you make time machine backup of your Mac?

Hi Donald. Thank you for your response.
The folders are on the source, my iMac. The problem is that because I’m doing these backups, once in a while I clean the files I have in my iMac, so the very old ones just stay in the external hard drive (the option “replace” only does that with the similar files, but if I’m copying a folder from the iMac that doesn’t have some old files that are in the hard drive, it keeps them there).

No, I’m afraid I’m not doing a Time Machine backup. I stop doing them long time ago.

Time Machine saved me once when I accidentally replaced some files. You should definitely have them. Ah…data recovery chances are low when the data gets replaced or overwritten. You may try a third-party software and scan your drive from where the data was replaced or lost. You may even scan the source storage volume. However, can’t say if the scan will result positive however no harm in trying.

Thank you so so much for your time and answers!
I will definitely try a third-party software and I’ll think about starting using Time Machine again.