Looking for Firmware for WD TV HD (WDAVx00 - Gen 1) - Firmware Version 1.03.01 or newer


I’m looking for a link to download the most recent firmware for WD TV HD (WDAVx00 - Gen 1) - Firmware Version 1.03.01 or newer. I currently am running firmware 1.012.07. And I’m having issues. If I try to play a mkv file and it doesn’t like it, the screen goes black and then nothing will play, I have to unplug it for 20+ minutes. Sometimes when I plug it back in the resolution is crappy. Other times the voice is off from the video and I’m using the same media and it’s not the video. I found the link to the release notes for the new firmware but can’t find the actual download. Help!

  1. You are in the Wrong Forum … should have posted in the Legacy Products (Discontinued Forum)

  2. Learn how to use Google

  3. You will most probably still have the same problem after updating firmware because it’s highly likely the mkv file you have is either corrupted or not supported.

  4. post a mediainfo output log

After installing on your PC … (On your video file right click and open with Mediainfo select View > Tree then File > Export >Text > Save then open the *.txt file and copy and paste the info here)


Thanks @JoeySmyth I didn’t realize there was a discontinued forum. I’ll head over there if I have further issues.