Looking for a way to have my old PC external drive compatible with my new Mac w/o reformating


I connected my external drive of my old PC to my new Mac. I can see the drive, can browse it and can open my files. However I am unable to create new folders in it. I read on the FAQ that it must be because it’s formatted in NTFS, and should be now in ExFAT or FAT 32. I also read that I should use the Mac Disk Utility to do this. However I don’t want to format my drive as it will erase all my current files.

Is there another solution than formatting? A WD utility to do this? 

Some people suggested I try Parallels for Mac. But before doing that, is there a way to make my drive compatible with my Mac w/o having to reformat it?

Thank you so much for your help!


Hello there and welcome to the WD community.

There are some programs that allow you to write to a NTFS formatted drive, but i have not tried this and do not know the names of the programs. Lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter.