Locally uploaded files not syncing with My Cloud OS 5

Any time we add a file/folder locally to our PR2100, that file or folder will not show up for our remote workers until we toggle Cloud Access on and off in the admin control panel (looks like it forces MyCloud to start some indexing process). Now, anytime a file/folder is added through the My Could web portal, it shows up instantly for our local and remote staff.

This has become an insane pain in my butt over the past month or so. Is there anyway to fix this issue, or some work around or anything? Anyone else experience anything like this before? I tried contacting WD customer support but they just said reset the drive which is not an option.

@phoenixmagoo Thanks for sharing the issue, Have you opened a support case yet? If not please click here and open one and share the case number with me.

Please make sure to attach the logs to the case using the KBA# 18374

The case number is: 210812-000377

I attached our system report to the case.


Did you obtain a solution to this problem @phoenixmagoo ?
My WD My Cloud spent a month indexing when I recently updated it. Then I installed the latest firmware and I thought maybe all was well. However, after adding more files they never indexed. I have today rebooted the device and the indexing appears to be started again but it is a ridiculous situation.

I opened a ticket with WD Support but they just asked me a ton of questions and then decided to just resend me the manual for the device. If you log into the web admin and sign out/in of Cloud Services, then the drive starts to index missing files.

It’s not ideal and hopefully WD will acknowledge and address this issue.

Thanks for your reply @phoenixmagoo

I think my drive is in a never-ending loop. After rebooting, it took all day to re-index the new material. However, when it gets to the end the activity light doen’t stop and I am unable to access the dashboard. I will probably need to reset the drive again.