Live Duo Initializing Device


I have JBOD configuration on my Live Duo.
I cant access my files since B drive failed, all the data are on A drive, but box is on yellow light and admin page show initializing device forever and I can only see public folder in the explorer. I replaced the B drive from another live duo whitch I have and didnt helped. I also tried put A and B drive in to that another live duo box and still the same. When I connect A drive using icybox to the pc and run check using WD dashboard it says drive is ok. I also look at the drive using disk genius and partitions are there. How can I acess my data ? Thank you for helping me out on these.

Live Duo is an older product so the disks may well be past their best for date.

USB disks are low cost and one of them can help recover data from the Live Duo. A USB dock for the disk may be able to recover more data.

Yes I know it is older and I want to pull data of it but I cant. How can I use dock to transfer my files ? Since to my knowledge it is not possible due to encryption which wd does even if encryption was not turned on. Is there a software for the job ?

Unfortunately proprietary security is a real nuisance for recovery.

USB desktop docks sell for maybe $25-$30 shipped so that is one suggestion. Desktop disks need 12V so a USB cable cannot be leveraged like laptop disks

Yes, I have usb desktop dock which is powered by 12V, but how can I read data off disk. I only see two ext2 partition and one raw partition

ext2 means an older version of Linux was used as ext4 is where it has been for a while now

load a machine with linux which can read the partitions